Character stretching?

Hey, like some of the previous posts they had issues using Quinn as a base, also I noticed that the skeleton is not compatible so I changed the one we are using, crouching works as it should but my characters torso stretches? Any ideas what causes this?

Like this, it’s hilarious though!

Technically, the skeletons ARE compatible because Manny and Quinn use the same skeleton :wink:

However, not all animations that use that skeleton are going to work for the same character. I imagine Quinn is a little shorter than Manny which is what is resulting in the stretch.

The only real solution is to modify the animation itself or to find equivalent animations that are more suited for Quinn.

Oh, so it’s not a UE version thing, well this could be a course note too! I guess I’ll try to tweak the anim a little, good practice I guess

Yeah, I’ve flagged the other thread to Mike internally to get his feedback. Was certainly an oversight to ignore the feminine figure.

Good to hear! If I don’t figure out the anims myself I’ll check that once it updates.

Ok for whatever reason I got metahuman working by updating UE. I tried the anims on a male metahuman and they work now! For some reason on a mannequin they wouldn’t work.

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