Character Stats Spritesheet

So I was feeling a bit inspired today and the part I love the most about RPGs are the character stats and modifiers. I made a spread sheet based on the Pillars of Eternity Stats system and here you have what I came with.

here I will explain it to you.
First you have the base stats on the left (Might, Constitution, Dexterity, Perception, Intellect and Resolve). These ones are responsible of modifing the Passive Stats, Defenses and Action Stats. The neutral point of these stats is 10 points (above 10 points you get possitive modifiers and under 10 points you get negative ones)

  • Defenses
    These will affect the probability of the enemy missing the player or dealing damage with a negative modifier, etc.
    Fortitude = 2 * Might + 2 * Constitution
    Reflex = 2 * Dexterity + 2 * Perception
    Deflection = 1 * Resolve
    Will = 2 * Intellect + 2 * resolve

  • Passive Stats
    Those are based on percentages from the Main Attributes for example each point adds 0.05% to the actual value. Those are Rounded to visualize them beter on the sheet.
    In case you were wondering the base Health = base Endurance * Class Health Multiplier
    (I had to mess a little bit with Visual Basic and excel in here to make it work, so there might be some mistakes :S)

    • Endurance: Dependent on Constitution
    • Health: Dependen on Constitution.
    • Concentration: Dependent on Resolve
  • Action Stats
    These work the same as the Passive Stats except from Interrupt and Accuarcy.

    • Damage: Dependent on Might
    • Healing: Dependent on Might
    • Action Speed: Dependent on Dexterity
    • Interrupt: Dependent on Perception (Linear)
    • Accuarcy: Dependent on Perception (Linear)
    • Area of Effect: Dependent on Intellect.
    • Duration: Dependent on Intellect.

Weapons and armor won’t modify the atribute itself but they will add modifiers to defenses, passive stats and action Stats

I was aming to Implement some kind of AD&D combat system with modifiers, rng and all that cool stuff

How I will Implement this is yet to be seen but as a design exercise worked pretty good for me.
Hope you like it!

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