Character doesn't move when using UE5.0.3

Is there maybe an extra step in UE5?
First I used an old 3rd person experiments project, then I made a new one just for this. First I tried Sparrow and then Lt. Belica but ultimately switched to Wukong just like you did. I get the opening animation and clicking triggers their attack but I lack camera or character movement control after I hit play. I’m just locked behind the player triggering an attack. What might I be overlooking?

Yes there is. There’s another post here {don’t have the link} as you have to rewire the blueprints to use different inputs. The third person template uses different input names so have to update accordingly. It isn’t difficult and only takes about 10 minutes to do.


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This was pretty easy, especially with some experience in Blueprint.
I noticed the jump was a little anemic after swapping from the generic third-person character but I think I found the tweaks to fix it in the Character Movement component. If this matters, select that while you have your charater open and make Gravity Scale and Jump Z Velocity 1.75 and 700 respectively.

Will this only happen with Paragon Characters?

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It actually happens with everything coming from a UE4 asset pack in terms of third person characters. It was also addressed in the new UE5 C++ course as it also uses UE4 assets.

It is unlikely they will get changed but you never know.

What I do is keep a project in UE5 and put all migrated assets into it, with applied fixes like this. Then, if I need them again, I open and migrate into the new project. I also have one for UE4 to import into UE5 which is safer than direct migrations for older assets.

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