Character Design , texturing , rigging in blender and animation in unity

A course of how to make characters in blender ( low/medium and high poly characters) texturing them , clothing , and then how the animation works animation in unity or UE would be awesome :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest pretty much exactly the same. I would like to see 2 outcomes

  1. Hi poly accurate full body renders (anatomy lessons needed - but links to resources would be fine.)
  2. low / medium poly animated game models for npc’s imported and animated in unity.
    2.a. Ragdoll models.

I agree I’m surprised more people aren’t flocking to this post, it is very difficult to create realistic characters in blender for games or even worse, making creatures and monsters for games that look good. I myself was about to post a topic like this as well.

You ask and we deliver :slight_smile:

Super excited to announce the launch of the Blender Character Creator course :tada:

Time to ‘hop on over to Blender’ and get creating!

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