Character Creator Course - WiP First Modular Car

Some more good hard surface modelling practice. Lots more to do in this section, but making progress I am.

Can’t wait to get to the character sculpting process cause there is a VR app called shapelab that lets you do 3d sculpting much like blender but with your ‘hands’ (controllers). Which is probably more intuitive than my graphics tablet. If it was a graphics monitor maybe the story would be different.


Looks intuitive but is also very inaccurate and tiresome.

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Have you tried it pete?

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No, but I do sculpting. And for this you need very accurate coordination. For which most designers use a graphic table. Like working on the detail of pen and paper.
I’ve seen vid’s with 3D User Interface it works, but it’s only useful on block modeling.


Can’t see VR being of much use practically. But then I prefer a mouse to a tablet too. But I dare say some will find it usable.

I can see it being useful, but probably requires practice a ton much like any other tool. The issue with it is, it is not going to give you the accuracy like said before, but without using it myself I prefer not to judge it. I will probably do this to give it a real test. I have the dragon sculpting course here, once I finish it using my pen and tablet, I will try to do the same process inside the VR app and compare it on time taken, result quality, and other metrics.

I think I just like the idea of seeing my work in VR. Who knows.

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I tried to sculpt using Wacom pen, but I find it easier when I use touchpad :man_shrugging:
For me, apple touchpad really fluid when working on blender. But to each on their own right?

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