Character Creator cartesian coordinates reversed? Lesson 40 Blender 4.0

So I’m following the course and in the video it shows the coordinates as positive y while mine is negative y when I hit 1 on the numpad. (I think it was front view?) Then when I hit 3 (Not sure what this one is called I forget already) it shows a positive x which is what it shows in the video but I can no longer see the cube. In order for me to see the cube I have to reverse it to see negative x. I’m not sure what is going on basically the side view is in a different direction then what is in the video. I don’t think I did anything different. Maybe I accidently hit a button. Here is a few images of what im talking about.

This image is the front view with the -y coordinates

This image is the side view with a +x coordinate


Not sure if they are inverted since some Blender versions.
But it shouldn’t be any problem to follow the lessons.


Ok I didnt know if it made a difference. Im brand new to blender or any modeling for that matter


My math knowledge is way, way back … not sure what the standard is.

Blender has its own thoughts about the default XYZ-axis.
Like Blender Z-axis up, while like other applications, like 3D-printers, Unity has a Y-ax up.
And the Z-ax is then like Blenders Y-ax, front to back.

But it isn’t that important, just inconvenient when migrating from one system to another system. Conversion is easy, but if you are unaware of this you can have some troubles.


Thanks for the info, im used to programming with coordinates lol

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So numpad 3 is right side view. Nupad 1 is front view. First option is you can move the image to the left(-x direction) or backwards from the right side view. Second option you can click the image/data tab of the properties editor and change depth to back instead of default.

Additional Info you can skip if you’re not interested: Blender stems from CAD(Computer Aided Drafting) Cartesian Coordinate system. So top view ,short for top down view is the starting point. In drafting the bottom of your paper is the front of the building and the top of the paper is the back of the building and this is the Y axis. The Left side of the building to the left of the paper and the right side is to the right side of the paper. X axis runs from left to right. Where the 2 axis meets is the origin(0, 0). So to the left of the Y axis along the X axis is -X. To the right is +X. To the top of the paper(Back of the building or above the X axis) is +Y and to the bottom of the paper(Front of the building or below the X axis is -Y). So as you can see if you are standing on the right side of the building you are standing on the X axis’s positive side facing toward the -X(Left side). This makes right side view as right +y, Left -Y, up +z and down as -Z. When you are in front view, that makse right +X, left -X, up +Z, down -Z, and you are standing in the -Y facing +Y. Maya uses the Animation Master or character Cartesian Coordinates system which makes the XY plane(Top down view in CAD system) as it’s starting point and this is considered the Front view. Thus top view is standing on +Y looking down towards the -Y with left -X, right +X, up +Z, and down -Z. So Z and Y are swapped. Probably more information than you wanted.


Thanks this really helps


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