Character.cpp is not recognising the .h changes

My character.h looks as follows:

#include "raylib.h"

class Character
    Character(int winWidth, int winHeight);
    Vector2 getWorldPos() { return worldPos; }
    void tick(float deltaTime);
    void undoMovement();

    Texture2D texture{LoadTexture("characters/knight_idle_spritesheet.png")};
    Texture2D idle{LoadTexture("characters/knight_idle_spritesheet.png")};
    Texture2D run{LoadTexture("characters/knight_run_spritesheet.png")};
    Vector2 screenPos{};
    Vector2 worldPos{};
    Vector2 worldPosLastFrame{};
    // 1 : facing right, -1 : facing left
    float rightLeft{1.f};
    // animation variables
    float runningTime{};
    int frame{};
    int maxFrames{6};
    float updateTime{1.f / 12.f};
    float speed{4.f};
    float width{};
    float height{};
    float scale{4.0f};

and my character.cpp like this:

#include "character.h"
#include "raylib.h"
#include "raymath.h"

Character::Character(int winWidth, int winHeight)
    width = texture.width / maxFrames;
    height = texture.height;

    screenPos = {static_cast<float>(winWidth) / 2.0f - scale * (0.5f * width),
                 static_cast<float>(winHeight) / 2.0f - scale * (0.5f * height)};

void Character::tick(float deltaTime)
    worldPosLastFrame = worldPos;

    Vector2 direction{};
    if (IsKeyDown(KEY_A))
        direction.x -= 1.0;
    if (IsKeyDown(KEY_D))
        direction.x += 1.0;
    if (IsKeyDown(KEY_W))
        direction.y -= 1.0;
    if (IsKeyDown(KEY_S))
        direction.y += 1.0;
    if (Vector2Length(direction) != 0.0)
        // set worldPos = worldPos + direction

        worldPos = Vector2Add(worldPos, Vector2Scale(Vector2Normalize(direction), speed));
        direction.x < 0.f ? rightLeft = -1.f : rightLeft = 1.f;
        texture = run;
        texture = idle;

    // update animation frame
    runningTime += deltaTime;
    if (runningTime >= updateTime)
        runningTime = 0.f;
        if (frame > maxFrames)
            frame = 0;

    // draw the character
    Rectangle source{frame * width, 0.f, rightLeft * width, height};
    Rectangle dest{screenPos.x, screenPos.y, scale * width, scale * height};
    DrawTexturePro(texture, source, dest, Vector2{}, 0.f, WHITE);

void Character::undoMovement()
    worldPos = worldPosLastFrame;

When I compile I get the following errors in character.cpp; “no instance of overloaded function “Character::Character” matches the specified type” on the Character::Character(int winWidth, int winHeight) line and “identifier “scale” is undefined” on every use of scale in it. For some reason, it seems that character.cpp is not accepting the new changes in character.h.

The result is that Character knight{windowWidth, windowHeight}; does not work in main.cpp. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I’ve used text comparison tools with the gitlab additions from resources, and found it to be nearly identical to the class code supplied. I am, however, using g++ to compile on ubuntu, which is my only real deviation form the classes. However, up to this lesson, it has worked.

Are you still using the template for the project? As this may require me to do a deeper dive into the situation, can you upload your project using this form? I’m also running Ubuntu on one of my machines so I can test it out.

Will do.

Ok, so I’m somewhat embarassed to have found I was updating a version of character.h I made for separate purposes, and didn’t realise due to a a busy workspace. My bad.

No worries! I’m glad you found the solution

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