Character Course Progress Update Thread - Mid Level Details

I will use this thread to share all of the progress of this section for all my characters I am working on.
Today I focused on the Male Orc, next will be the female.

I also sculpted a monokuma for practice which I will detail more at some point as well.
He is a work in progress and will share updates on this thread as well.


Both looking good so far.

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The image is blurred for NSFW reasons. The Character is currently naked. Just click it to view if you want.

So here is the progress on the female fighter orc.
Spent a good chunck of time on the face hands and feet.
Also changed the shape a ton.

Will come back to detail even more after I pass the fine detail section of this section.

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Also spent some time today learning about hair particles, which require a UV map to use so, we will see about hair after UV mapping.

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