Character Course one-ish year later

Hey all,

I’ve been taking courses for around a year now (and I’ve done a ton of them) and I was browsing some of the courses I’ve done and I saw that I had apparently missed the Rendering section. New update? So of course I watched them, and they were as good as always.

I thought I’d show my orc that I made when I went through the course way back in June 2022 and a character I made recently myself to show off some progress (mods is this ok here? thought it was relevant). Maybe I can inspire someone to stick with these courses and of course to gather necessary feedback. I feel the GDTV courses gave me such a strong initial grasp of Blender and I couldn’t be happier that I found them (and Grant!)

Here is the first orc I made. Had to render it again since I couldn’t find any old ones. I’m still pretty happy with it even though I can look at it and see everything I want to fix and redo.

Here’s the newest model I’ve made. I’m a big Destiny 2 player so it’s based on the Hive from D2, I used some old Bungie concept art to make it.

I hope you like it (give me some feedback too! is it too nock kneed?) and again, thanks to GDTV and Grant for these courses.


Great new character and good to see how people can progress and take up their own ideas, different fom the course ones.

No problem showing other work you are doing here.
Join in the Collab weekly subject, challenge.


Thanks, I’ll check it out!

Just gonna drop some more stuff in here so I don’t make new threads. Call it an archive of my 3D journey and they’re all characters still :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Playing Diablo 4 lately so I made a few models based on that.

Did a riff on a male Lilith. Really like how the cape came out.

Still playing Diablo 4 soooo I created another Fallen variant: the Fallen Ogre. Did a full rigify face rig for it too. Aligning that was truly hell :rofl:


Bro, awesome progress!

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Thanks for posting! I love seeing the progress people make. Considering this was close to a year ago, I’d love to see how you’ve progressed since!

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Amazing progress ! Keep at it!

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Hey thanks for the support! I haven’t done a ton of character stuff since then. I recoloured that ogre (a few times now) because I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out, did some environmental stuff, our christmas card and some small stuff.

2022 Christmas Card (it’s older but still really fun)

2023 Christmas Card

Quick octopus

The real version I’m happy with for it

Stylized hand painted look


Village (rendered in unreal, learned a bunch of unreal stuff)

Temple WIP (also in unreal)

I might go back and try a dragon again since I did the GDTV dragon course so long ago, I think I could do a lot better than I did before. The rigging might actually work this time instead of being a huge mess lmaooo

Anyways thanks for checking this out and the words of support. It means a lot.



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