Character Asset pack for Unity 2018.2?

I have just installed Unity 2018.2.13 and I’m trying to work through the RPG course. In this lecture Ben shows adding the Asset pack Characters. Is there an Asset install step I missed, because my custom assets dropdown is blank.


Hi Michael,

I’m assuming you refer to the Standard Assets provided by Unity. In the older version of Unity you could just add these fairly straight forwardly from the install itself, they have changed this recently and you now need to download them like any other asset from the Asset Store. Inside Unity, open the Asset Store window and search for “Standard Assets”, the ones you want are those provided by Unity Technologies.

Whilst we are talking about the RPG and assets, as a heads-up, the first set of assets provided by the team for this course have a reliance on Blender being installed. You do not need to use Blender, but if it is not installed then the initial assets that are provided will not be visible in your scenes. You can download/install Blender for free from their website -

Later in the course these assets are updated and the reliance on Blender being installed is removed.

Just thought I’d take this opportunity to mention it to save you any headaches further into the course :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. I will go download them properly right now. I believe I already have Blender installed, but I will check. Thank you for the heads up.

Michael Elliott

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You’re more than welcome Michael :slight_smile:

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