Changes rotation when I apply rotation to pin

So, I get everything looking just fine, & apply scale, fine, apply location, fine, but when I apply rotation, the pin changes to lying flat rather than standing upright. Anyone know what is going on with that? Please advise.

The default behavior when you add a “Reference Image” to your scene is for it to be treated as an Empty which is displayed “as an image”. Therefore it behaves like an Empty and not a regular object.

Michael suggests using the image-as-plane plugin for that section - and a plane will behave like a regular object…

I ended up just using the reference image as you are doing above but just left the transforms alone after positioning it like I wanted… Since it wasn’t part of the final artifact, I didn’t care what its transforms were, as long as it was in the right place and had the right dimensions.


When adding an Image > Reference, by default it will appear oriented to the View of the viewport.

So when you add an image and it’s not oriented the way you want, use Alt+R and Alt+G, and it will be flat on the center of the grid.
Then you can rotate, scale, move
You don’t need to and should not apply transformations for a reference image.

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