Changes Are Coming To Challenge Club

Hi everyone,

We are making some changes to Challenge Club very soon. These are all based upon the wonderful feedback we’ve received from the folks during our Beta phase.

  1. We are changing the name from Challenge Club to Game Dev Skill Builder. We’ve found that a lot of folks dont quite understand what we’re up to with the practice projects and after putting a bunch of names to the community and asking them to vote, the one that received the most votes was Skill Builder.

  2. We are changing from Subscription to Seasons for now. Instead of paying $9.99 monthly and receiving 4 quests per month, we will be providing Seasons which include 9 Quests and have a one time cost of between $15 to $17 (cost is still to be finalised). When purchased as a season, you can own the Quests and work through them in your own time whenever you like, just like a course. The plan is to continue releasing new Quests each week for whichever season we are currently in. Everyone who is at paying subscriber at the time that we make the switch will receive all of Season 1 and Season 2 content.

  3. Each quarter we plan to run a mini game jam where folks can take one of the Quests from the season we are currently in and expand on it to turn it into something cool. This will give everyone a starting point for their mini game jam and some structure, but also choices. The rules are yet to be fleshed out but the goal is to give you a reason to take your favourite project and put additional time and effort into it.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask. And @Club_Ambassadors, if you find anyone asking about changes, feel free to point them to this point.



Thanks for letting us know @Rick_Davidson the approach seems sound. Do let us know when you want us to help promote it.


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