Change Transformation Hotkeys? (Coming from Maya to Blender)


I was wondering if the hotkeys for translation, rotation, and scale could be remapped or altered in anyway. While I like how most of the layout is modular in blender as compared to maya (I’m transitioning over from maya) I am a bit annoyed by the transformation hotkeys.

In short, I would like to know how, if possible, to make blender hot keys g, r, s select the transform tools instead of activating the transformation. I prefer the method of being able to first select the type of transformation and then click on the preferred axis I would like to transform on like in maya, rather than pressing a hotkey that instantly activates the transformation and then only afterwards are you able to lock the transform to a desired axis. Moreover, these hotkeys are a bit inhibiting due to the fact that the hotkeys control the axes based on their corresponding letters and the nature of a keyboard not having y grouped together with x and z, requiring you to mentally think which axis it is you are trying to lock to and then find the key you need to press on the keyboard.

To elaborate, I know that to make transformations in blender, you need to press the transformation hotkeys (g, r, s) to activate the transformations, which then allows you to move your mouse around to adjust the chosen type of transformation. Then if you want to be precise or have proper alignment to a certain axis, it is required that the hotkeys corresponding to the axis (x, y, z) is pressed.
An alternate method is to click the button on the header bar to select the default transformation tool you get whenever an object is selected. You can adjust the transform by now clicking and dragging the arrows/circles on the desired axis of the transform tool without further pressing any hotkeys.

In maya, the hotkeys select the tool for the desired transformation instead having the hotkeys choose which transformation you wish to perform as in blender. I began to wonder if it is possible to alter the hotkeys only because the buttons on the header bar in blender basically do what maya does with its transform hotkeys.

Personally, I find it more efficient to simply click and drag on the arrow or circle corresponding to the axis you wish to transform on in contrast to pressing a second hotkey to lock the axis, which as I mentioned already, also requires you to consciously acknowledge which of axes you are locking in order to press the correct hotkey.

P.S. I am aware that there is some sort of maya preset for blender(?) but for workflow and learning purposes, I believe ultimately it is better to stick with default blender set up, and that is why I am asking if it is possible to change just the transform hotkeys.

You can actually remap every hot key in the program if you want to. Go to the User Preferences under file. Select the “Input” tab, expand the 3D View and 3d-View (Global) Sections then scroll down to near the bottom of the global section to find the hot key settings for Translate, Rotate, and Scale.

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