Challenging myself

Hello everyone,

I like to challenge myself as I go through Gamedev.TV’s courses to test my understanding.

With the Godot course I’ve set myself a very big challenge. To test my understanding after each section see if I can apply what I have learned about Godot to the Unity courses. The final goal being recreate the Unity RPG course inside Godot.

I have finished up to the end of Loony Lips so decided to see if I could make a start on the Unity materials. I’m pleased to say so far it is going well. I have completed Text101 from the 2D course and I am about to go through Number Wizard UI once I tidy up my code and move all the text to a json file.

AS I learn more from the Godot course I will come back to the games and see if I can improve my code with my new knowledge and once @Yann_Burrett has completed the 3D section I will also look at the Unity 3D course as well.

I would think this can be done the other way around for those of you familiar with Unity try recreating the Godot games and test your knowledge as well.

I will keep adding to this discussion as i move forwards though I may see about creating a blog to save this getting to lengthy.


Big gap as I’ve been away for a few weeks with the kids. Started into Number Wizard UI and most of it works. Should it finished this weekend and then I’ll move onto the 2nd game in the Godot course.

I would highly recommend trying a challenge like this as you learn it really helps retain the knowledge.

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ok so I have started a blog to keep track of all this. It is very very basic for now but I will make changes to that as I go along.

small disclaimer there will be sections relating to mental health, my own that is. The posts so far have been pretty mixed but going forwards I will separate the posts and use tags as some people will only want to see the dev content.

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Very cool - keeping a journal of it (and your state of mind) is a great way to not only share your progress but reflect on what you’ve learned.

Moved to a dedicated site now. Https://

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