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It seems that lately I don’t know what to do in the challenges, even the things from earlier sections I seem to forget. For me it’s getting to the point where it starts to frustrate me somewhat.
I don’t really know what to do. Should I take a step back and go over the previous sections or should I continue. Currently I’m getting a bit discouraged since it seems that I just don’t seem to understand it at all, even though I’m making many notes and take lots of tries to complete the challenges before the solution is showed.

Any advice?

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From my point of view, I would go back and try to give more time to each lecture, maybe watch it 2-3 times so I can feel safe moving forward.

You can always practice what you learned as well, for example if you’re done with the number wizard section, think of something simple you would like to add to the game (backup first) and try to search for resources to help you achieve that.

In general, when learning and generally when working on something new, don’t forget to “break” stuff, to experiment. See what works, see what does not work. It is your personal sandbox after all and you are a small child that wants to play, so do that : )

I think one of the reasons you feel this way is because the 2D course makes a huge leap in difficulty, going from a single script game that primarily focuses on UI to a full fledge game with physics is a huge step, so it’s only natural that you feel this way.

My suggestions:

  1. Ask questions, ask as many questions as you can. This community has a lot of amazing people that is more than willing to answer all of your questions and help you with anything you need. It might take some time to get an answer, like a few hours, but is worth the wait. Also you can make amazing friends if you do that, I’ve met a lot of amazing people here which now I talk to on a regular basis.

  2. Don’t try to understand what is going on in the background. I’ve seen a lot of people trying to understand what is going on at a circuit level (Ok, I’m exaggerating here), don’t do that, it’s super interesting, yes it is, but it gets super confusing. Keep it as simple as possible, something like this “This thing moves the ball, Why does it move? I don’t know, I just know this moves it”, later on you’ll start to understand things at a much deeper level, take your time, don’t force yourself to understand things or you’ll end up in the deepest rabbit hole ever.

  3. Be aware of the plateau and keep pushing forward. A lot of people end up in this plateau where they think one of two things: 1) I already know this, 2) I’ll never get all of this. None of this is true, you’ll always learn new things even if it’s the same thing, and you’ll eventually get everything if you just keep pushing forward.

  4. Take a rest. If you are feeling tired and frustrated take a rest, a day or two, no more than three or you’ll probably never finish the course. With a fresh mind you’ll be able to comprehend things a lot better.



I decided to take a rest for the weekend and I think your 2nd point was the thing that was making me not understand the things so now I took a couple of lessons without trying to think the why of every thing to not confuse myself. I seem to do the challenges much better now so I’ll try to keep working in that way. and of course when I’m not sure I will ask the community.

Thanks for the needed advice

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