Challenge: Well

That is what I was able to create. Unfortunately deleted the light and camera and was not able to have them back.


Though I have avoided 2.8 so far, I expect its the same still.

Add, like you would a cube, but the list of things to add should have options for add a light, add a camera. You can have them back!

I have done that but specially the light could not get any effect on the scene. Learn to do not delete next time, just hide them :thinking:

So you added a light, it’s probably a point light. Then it depends where you added it (location), maybe inside an object …
Also try to increase the intensity of the light.

Be brave, and try to solve this light problem. You will learn from your insights.
Don’t be afraid to delete stuff (accidentally).
But also make back-ups of your projects (saving Blender files with a version number).

Have Blender fun!

Hi Dalla, are you in the solid viewport or rendered view? You might need to switch over to rendered to see your lights etc…

Actually. Looking at the outliner, now called Scene Collection, in your image, you have a camera and lights in there. I believe, things are a little different in 2.8.

It looks like they are ‘hidden’. In that they do not have the eye showing but what looks like a closed eyelid icon. It may be as simple as unhide, ALT H. Or click those closed eyelids to unhide them.

@FedPete yes the point light has been added under the roof. I like the result and posted one of them after played with intensity. As I am a newbie don’t have yet the eye to say which is best.

@Dan and @NP5 I managed to bring the lights back. In fact just added a new one once the default one I deleted by accident. It is a learning curve :roll_eyes:

Thanks guys for the reply :clap:

After carry on the lessons just sorted the issue.

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I am glad you have solved your problem.
We all have been there, wandering in the dark. How to solve things.
But that’s the learning curve. Don’t give up!

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