Challenge - My CYOA Game Design - Forgotten Kid and the Witch Doctor

Forgotten Kid and the Witch Doctor

He (The Forgotten Kid) lives with his family far sight from city. As an aggressive introvert, he is no good to family or friends and so forgotten from the hearts of his loved ones and friends. Deep inside he is depressed and wants to prove to be what everyone wants him to be. In seek of his desires, he plans to run away from home and ends up in a dark jungle where he finds a vigorous witch doctor. His fate ends there when the Witch Doctor gave him an offer he can’t refuse. He got the power he always wanted which he did not know would cost his own human form.

Playable Character: The Forgotten Kid

The Goal: The forgotten kid now has to find his human form to get back to his family and friends. He is left with his soul on this planet where no human being can see, hear or feel him. His human form is stolen by the Witch Doctor who is manipulating it to do all the evil deeds once again as he used to do when he was a boy himself long ago. For the forgotten kid to get back his human form has to fight against the powers of the vigorous Witch Doctor.

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This is quite a story you’ve made! The chosen pictures are beautiful and nicely reflects the story. Great design! :wink:

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Thank You for the appreciation man :grin: I am definitely bringing this game alive :relieved:

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