Challenge: LayoutMess

So being completely new to this software, the moment I was given the task/ or challenge, I struggled a bit to say the least. Using the default setting didn’t come to mind as a first step, I did however incorporate the information taught previously with regards to moving around and changing the windows, essentially manually rebuilding the whole layout. Which was the second method demonstrated when continuing the video.

I opened another window and changed the layout to use as a reference. The only thing I didn’t do, which I corrected after seeing it, was moving the info bar/ menu of the ‘Outliner’ from bottom to top.

So far so good I guess?

If anyone has a moment, I came across an issue when playing around to figure this out. I changed the 3D View to full screen via View>Toggle Fullscreen Area and I couldn’t get back. Esc didn’t work, couldn’t access any window menus etc. Alt + F10 didn’t work either. It’s probably something really obvious or simple, but it was a bit of a hassle.


Did you mean “Toggle window full screen” Alt+F11

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