Challenge - HARBINGER (cyoa design)

This is intended to be a prequel to a game idea I am looking to complete using this course.
(Complete C# Unity Developer 2D)

Game Theme - Space Station Escape
Escape the space station or become a casualty.

Game Theme Imagery
A dark spacestation in the middle of a destructive shutdown that is being caused by an aggressively expanding alien biosphere.


The Player
A Researcher who has been taking part in the secret discovery and experimentation of an alien lifeform.

The Goal
To somehow let the world know of the impending truth that they will ALL bear witness to.

Escape the spacestation all the while, discovering what is behind this HARBINGER of things to come.

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Nice cant wait to see it. Looks like a fun game.

Here is my flowchart for the game HARBINGER.
I took Rick’s advise and “flexed my story design muscles” a little with this one.

Any questions, comments, or critiques welcome.

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