Challenge Failed But A Knight Either Way

After a lot of fiddling with it i couldn’t stay within the guidelines but i’ll surely have ago again sometime.

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The knight is probably the most challenging piece in the section i think so that is a great attempt.
There are a few imperfections that you are already aware of (the base of the knights hair theres a issue there slightly) but you’ll probably resolve those during a revisit.
Great job :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input. I didn’t notice that issue with the mane until you pointed it out. Ultimately I’m quite happy with how this whole course is going. Sure I couldn’t keep to the guidelines of the challenge but meeting obstacles and recalling solutions I learned way back in the beginning is really satisfying. Other than the mane fixing I’m happy to push on then come back later with more time, knowledge and confidence to make this a better model.

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Oh indeed, I was just pointing it out as its not a show stopper :slight_smile:

I think i cheated and forgoed the mouth part so nice job there :smiley:

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