Challenge - CYOA Design Choices



What is your game theme?
Futuristic western along the lines of Firefly with solidly high tech and high wealth core worlds contrasted with predominantly lower tech, lower wealth fringe worlds

What is an image that sums up your game theme?

Who is the player?
You’re the owner-operator-captain of your own ship, making your own way in a far off star system.

What is the goal?
For this game moment, you’ve just unloaded cargo to complete a contract in a remote area of a sparsely populated planet. You don’t know what you’ve delivered, you take a job and follow through with it, but based on the most unfriendly way the contact is trying to take the cargo without paying, it must be something mighty interesting. Survive the ambush, get back to your ship, and either high-tail it off the planet or plot to reacquire and investigate the cargo, maybe make a few more credits in the process.


This is great! I love Firefly :wink: