[Challenge] Basic room with a table + simple monitor, cupboard and bookshelf

Hello, friends! :raised_hand:
Recently I have watched the video from this section and Ben said, that we should increase our skill with this challenge. So I opened my Blender and created a part of my room in 90 minutes.

In this is the result:

In my opinion, I took a little step ahead in my Blender experience (when you visit my last picture with the table and the two bowls you see what I mean :see_no_evil: :joy:).

What I have used in the scene:

  • many cubes :white_check_mark:
  • one cylinder :white_check_mark:

I really hope, that you like my picture!!!


It’s excellently done IMO, great job!

This looks great! You inspired me to make my own desk for the next project!

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I know, working with Blender can be extremely fun. Visualizing your thoughts and wishes.
This project has components, which you will learn in the church section. Modular design and these cupboards are modular.
Part of designing scenes is the composition and camera position. If you move the camera a bit lower, it look more like from the position of a person. Then you need probably a ceiling, a lamp … lots and lots ideas.
And that’s the fun. Well performed.

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@FedPete Thanks a lot for this great ideas and I will implement them as soon as I can (when I have the knowledge). :muscle: :grin:

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