Challenge 3 - Trail Blazer - texture color bug?

I noticed the look of the game changes after the first death. Colors are washed out at first then get more…colorful?.. after dying. Any idea what causes this? I’d rather have the more colorful version. I’m using some Kenney platform assets that are supposed to be green and brown but at first they are more like blue/green and tan. It does this with the original scene as well.


Looks like its something to do with lighting perhaps. Maybe check that your lights are generated, and generally try switching them on and off while in play mode to see if you can track down which particular thing might be causing the issue. I doubt that it would be the textures themselves, more likely lighting.

Thanks Rick. I did some more digging and it turns out I had to click “generate lighting”. Seems its something that only happens when running the game from the editor. Here’s the link I found in case someone else has this issue:

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