Challenge 1-15 - A Park

I think its pretty decent considering im just starting with blender, took about 2 hours to do it


Two hours it is a lot! And if your are having fun, that’s good.
But your skills will improve with this course.
Meaning, when you have more knowledge, this can be much faster.
It’s better to do many short challenges, that a big one.

But I must admin, I do it also :wink:
Time flies when having fun.

And I like your composition, lighting is good and a pleasant scenery!

It’s much better to do several challenges, it’s fun and the more I do the better I get.
Leaning about this stuff is always much fun, I tend to focus on little details sometimes and that’s probably why it took so long, but doesn’t matter as long as I improve and have a good time.
Thank you for the reply! It’s really good to have some feedback.

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