[Certified in NYC] + Some Exam Tips

I took the Certification exam last weekend (August 27th) and passed. There were a total of 12 of us taking the exam. I had taken the Complete Unity Course, the Unity Physics course and this one over the past year and a half.

Although I passed with a score of 82%, I felt I got clobbered on a few sections that I felt I should have performed better. There were times during the exam where my brain just kind of “locked-up”. My advice… the test is 90 minutes.
1. Take your time. There is plenty of time for the exam… use it. I also over-studied to the point where I used the questions from this course a bit too much to the point where I got too familiar with the section quiz questions and the mock exam quiz questions. Too familiar to the point where I was already anticipating the answers when I saw them appear on the screen and I was no longer figuring-out the questions. So,
2. Don’t overuse the quiz questions provided here. Instead, you may want to do a mental exercise while going through the questions a second time of asking yourself why the other answers provided are wrong and/or what the other incorrect answers are referring to.
Here is a screenshot of my results that shows the weighting of the questions to give an idea which sections (for me) were more intense


Congratulations on passing, and thank you for sharing this extra advice

Firstly congratulations! That’s a very good score and the fact you wanted more just shows how great you are :wink: .

Where there any of the questions in the course that may have mislead you in the exam? If so, let me know which ones so that I can make some tweaks.

How did you find out about the test in NYC. I’ve been writing in the forums and emailing Unity to have them do a test in NYC and it seems they don’t have any planned (or even anywhere in the United States at all) :frowning:

I actually found out about the Certification Test by accident; Like you, I actively searched for test dates and locations, including signing-up on the Unity mailing list in order to be notified for a test in my area. I never received that notification email from Unity for the NYC test. I realize this is a frustrating pursuit.
All I can suggest is to periodically check on the Unity site for test dates and locations. Also, I would suggest signing-up for a number of the NYC Meet-Up groups. As it turned-out, I had just completed the Udemy Certification Study course when I checked-back on the Unity site for test dates and locations. The test was scheduled within two from when I found the notification. I also found a Certification study prep meeting on the Meet-Up groups. By the looks of it and from what I hear, the testing doesn’t get scheduled too often. I would say just keep actively searching and one or two a year should pop-up (without proper notification).

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