Certified, 92%. Thanks to this course!


Just got certified, 1840/2000. But there’s no cert, no swag at all. I guess it’s because the exam is administered in Hong Kong…

Some thoughts:

The exam is much, much, much easier than the 2nd mock exam. I got 63% (failed!) of the timed mock exam. Comparing to the first untimed mock exam it has lots of questions that are a little too obscure or tricky. The real exam basically asks stuff from documentation. So read the documentation even in areas you are already familiar with, because there provide official interpretation of certain keywords like normal maps or smoothness.

If you feel unsure of the question, it’s probably the question’s fault. I encountered a question in Programming section asking about vectors, and I swear there are two correct answers (I both look online and test them in the IDE). There are also questions that instructions are vague, so expect some score loss just because you totally couldn’t comprehend the question.

I missed 1 on lighting, 1 on materials, 2 on physics and 3 on programming. Maybe I watched the videos at 2x, I didn’t remember Sam introducing what Physic materials are :(. As for programming, I missed the Vector one but couldn’t figure out what other could I have missed. I really hope Unity could let us know what questions we missed!

Anyway (after all those complaints), I have to sincerely thank Sam and Ben for delivering this amazing course. I literally relearned Unity throughout the chapters and I even think this course is a better way for learning Unity other than 99.9% courses on Udemy that is basically “follow me to do this and this and this and done you have a game”. This gives a comprehensive, step by step introduction to all Unity features, and you will develop games with much more confidence. What I dislike is the obscurity of some quiz questions; for example, I’m certain Unity would not assess the names of Reverb Zone presets… And often the quizzes dive too deep into the topic, but less are assessing basic, surface stuff, which are mainly on the exam.

Finally, wish you all good luck on your exams and career!


Great stuff @TigerHix. What a great pass mark too!

I appologise for the tricky last exam. It’s new so I’m still trying to polish the rough edges but it is deliberately a little bit tough to make sure the mock exam feels easy and you are relaxed when you take it. I have added a warning to that effect:

This is absolutely true! These errors in the questions need polishing so please report them so I can fix them.