First of all, I’m not sure where I can go if I believe something was wrong in the lecture? Because Michael mentions “shift-C” to center the view … In fact, if I’m not mistaken:

  • shift-C puts the cursor at (0,0,0) and makes sure all visible objects are in the screen
  • numpad-period simply centers around the selected object

In this specific case, both just do the same …

For the challenge, I thought of 3 ways of doing it. The lecture gives the longest version I think (but, valuable nonetheless)

  • origin to geometry [> snap cursor to center] > snap selection to cursor
  • origin to geometry > set translation to (0,0,0) (there is even the shortcut alt-G)
  • [snap cursor to center >] geometry to origin

As my cursor was already at the origin, I could just do geometry to origin, so one step and all is good! Note, in the first and last option, I put “snap cursor to center” as an optional step (depending on whether it is actually necessary, of course)

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