Cavity Map work in Preview but not in Render

So I am trying to bake a cavity map on one of my horns. After I do so when I look at the Render Preview everything looks normal, however when I switch to rendered mode the horn is black, with maybe two gray spots.

I checked the UV Map and according to that it should be white. When I move the UV Island to some other white place, part of the horn becomes white, but most of it is still black.

I already tried playing around with the Extrusion and Max Ray Distance settings. Any ideas what might be causing it, please?

(the island seen on the UV Map is the horns Island)

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Isn’t it so that before you render the result to a bitmap, the bitmap node mustn’t be connected to the bitmap?


… I’ve had issues with the normal map, and after like an hour of trying I figured out the issue was I was baking it when it was connected.

And I just tried it, and you are right, that was the issue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you very much, you saved me a lot of time


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