Cavity Map only working in certain Spots

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I was searching on all sites also the recommended Wiki but it seems I can’t find somebody with the exact same problem, nor a solution.

My problem is that I’m trying to use the “Cavity Map” but my LP-character only takes it in the places where he sticks out from the HP-character and is otherwise black. Also my NormalMap seems to have similar problems.

Any Ideas what I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for the help!

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Search this Ask section it is a relatively common question.

Try Zero Ray distance and experiment with the extrusion factor.

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I tried many combinations, but it didn’t fix the problem. Now my whole image is black.
But thank you for the advice.

3h later: I managed to solve the problem and I played around with the two values and it finally worked. Important was, that the “Extrusion”-Value was significantly smaller (0.01m) than the “Max Ray Distance”-Value (0.1).
Also important was to detach the “Image Texture”-Node and retach it to the Principal BSDF-Node. And lastly also to show and hide the objects.
At the end I tried and changed those values and settings and it finally worked.

Thank you very much!! @NP5

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