Caution using SourceTree



Please take caution trying to set up SourceTree. I just deleted all of my blender files, all of my resource material and all but 6 of my texture files. Everything I have done, all my hard work up until this point. I had to remake the square, triangles, wall w/door and the wall w/window for this section. Needless to say… I will NOT be using SourceTree. I am one upset little puppy right now.


Hi, bad experience is also an experience. Having backups on the server, at work and at home, using a couple of simple opertations: commit, push, pull. SVN allows you to work in a group, restore you files and many more) I now constantly use it


I use both Google Drive, and at least one form of physical back up at home to back up.


Thank you both for your replies. One: I don’t work with a group or go to work so there is no extra server for a back up. Two: I have a very limited income and can’t afford to even buy an external drive for a back up. Three: I don’t trust putting anything on the internet and therefore (again) paying for storage is out of the question.
I just have to live with the fact that I have lost all of my hard work. Spent months working on a Dragon, lost all my reference photos as well as the blend file and some other models that I had been working on when I decided to take this course to better my understanding of Blender and modeling. I wanted to learn how to use Blender more efficiently. Which this course has helped with and I am very thankful for that.


Something similar happen to me were my laptop feel and everything was erase even the software it self I wasn’t even downloading anything at all I was in the middle of learning vr in unity I was just copying the teach mostly learning very little now (Sometime things happen for greater purpose )


I also believe that things happen for a reason. And always for a good reason. And one good reason that I can think of right now is that if I decide to remake those models, it will be easier and a little quicker this time around.


Well USB drives are very cheap. A 16GB USB runs around $7 USD. Takes just seconds to copy and paste files. Kinda in same boat as far as income atm.


No need to put your assets in the cloud for a backup when working alone. I bought a NAS and backup the repository (that is the root file with the .GIT and .GITIGNORE and the sub-directories) after every major change. I can access the NAS from desktop as well as laptop.
Source Tree needs a bit of planning and rethinking, especially the directory setup. But now I love it. Did not have the problems you encountered, but without backup plan you are at a risk…