Cat with hair

Tryed to give my cat hair. Having some throubles with bald spots here and there tho.


Yes hair is tricky. You can keep increasing the density. Or try other seeds of the hair particles you may get lucky and find one that covers the thin places more evenly. Or careful combing can also solve issues. Even add a whole separate particle system for the ears for example. Another thing is to colour the skin under the hair a similar, or dark colour.

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Hair particles are placed on the face of an object (or vertices if selected).
This is more or less a random process. (only 10 hairs for 1000 faces … but which faces?)
Adding more face details on the ears will increase hair generation.

Also, you can use weight painting to steer the growth of hair in some places.

Thanks for the advise ! changing skin colour helped alot. More face detail sounds like good advise, have to try it yet

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