Casting to ThirdPersonCharacter fails

I’m not sure why but when I Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter in my blueprint it fails. As you can see in the attached file, I have a print string from the Casting node if it fails.

Because this fails, of course, my Guards are not making their way to the first waypoint.

Thanks for asking here, and for the nudge on Twitter. @DanM could you take a look please, and refer to @sampattuzzi if not solved.

Good luck guys!

Having trouble getting a working version of the repo at this point but isn’t the character we want to cast to called UE4_HeroCharacter or something like that?

If not you can just send me your project via Github or the likes. Also questions are best asked in the Udemy Q&A since it’s kind of hard to filter questions in the forums

Here is a link to my repo.

Not having a good eye this week. You’re doing this in the construction script, it won’t have a controlled pawn at construction. Move this to the event graph and on begin play.

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That was exactly the problem. I didn’t realized that I put all my code in the construct script :frowning:

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ugh I had the same problem but i noticed I was getting the player 0 pawn by mistake instead of “controlled pawn”.

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