Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter failed, AI won't move to waypoint

I’m being stuck on this lesson.

It seems that the function Get Patrol Points fail because the Owner Actor from the Event Receive Execute node can’t be cast into a ThirdPersonCharacter. In this blueprint, the flow will follow the “Cast Failed” route, no matter what.

Also my node Event Receive Execute doesn’t have the same parameters as in the video, but I’m using 4.14.3, maybe it has something to do with that.

What am I doing wrong?

SOLVED :slight_smile:

I definitely did a boo-boo, but it was easy to miss!

Pay attention: “Event Receive Execute AI” is not the same as “Event Receive Execute” !
I don’t know what the second one is used for, but it makes the cast to ThirdPersonCharacter fail. Watching the video again carefully from the beginning helped to find this :slight_smile:

I’ll let this here, in case anybody else makes the same error as I did.


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