Cast to third person broke,

Okay due to distractions i screwed up and broke everything. Rather than try and repair the project i downloaded the repo from the course github (Just after the refactoring of CPP files).
I now have an issue where it broke the cast to third person.
I dont know how to fix this as it can no longer cast to third person character

My problems are in the NPC_AI_BP and choose next waypoint.

The errors are this blueprint (self) is not compatible with self therefore that pin must have a connection
The property associated with Patrol points could not be found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated @sampattuzzi

Assuming you are at lecture 205. For the “Get Patrol Points” function you need to drag off the bluewire to get the cast. Then for the other error delete the bad cast node and re-drag from the blue point from “Controlled Pawn” from the Event Recieve Execute AI

I was actually a lot further one but everything got messed up to apoint i couldnt recover.
I downloaded the repo TG34 Solution- Renaming & Moving CPP.cmproj and cant get it to open as it complains thats it cant find firstperson and it cannot see any uassets.

Think i am gonig to give up and restart the entire thing from the start after the half term.

Upon googling and researching it, It looks like git LFS messes stuff up and if you get to the point you cannot see assets in the project the only way to recover it is to get hold of the files BEFORE they went though the LFS stage.
I tested with a new project and all assets show so i advise anyone reading this to be VERY VERY careful when doing the lectures 224 onwards and make sure you are not going to be distracted for at least 2 hours.

I’m restarting this section now but i suppose i live and learn. (My issue was caused by somehow having two copies of the gamemode files etc and accidently deleting a folder called FP_FirstPerson and tbh i am not even sure how i got that folder.

I think my children may have somethnig to do with the initial problem (Future note to lock pc before going afk), but the rest was my screw ups trying to correct the problem.

Downside oh dear lots of work, Upside it solidifies the learning!

Thanks @DanM for trying to help me but i think i was too far gone by then :slight_smile:

I can’t actually get @ben’s repo to open actually, it compiles fine in VS but then says that it couldn’t build and that I should try building from source when trying to load the project.

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I was going mad thinking it was just me being daft but if you are having issues then i know something is up.
It shouldnt take me too long to catch up again but hopefully Ben and Sam can figure out whats going on in case someone else gets stuck and needs the repo.

@sampattuzzi could you take a look at this please

Is there any chance that you checked it out into a repo that started with a number? Because that would break it for sure. In that case you would see compile errors.

So I’m just reaching this point and having the same problems as @Marc_Carlyon with checking out the commit mentioned, renaming the folder to S05_ and getting the error message of the gamemode not finding the FPSCharacter blueprint (which would make sense seeeing how nothing but folders are in the content browser)

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I have actually managed to succeed in getting past the refactoring on a second attempt (and third doing it on my side project).
The exact same issue i was having with the repo is as @DanM mentioned. Files were on the disc in the folders but the unreal contents showed only the folders.

So what have you done to reproduce this? Are there some exact steps that work for you 100% of the time that I can try?

  • This commit
  • Rename base folder to S05_*
  • Build binaries and open

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect this is because the repository itself is named 05_TestingGrounds (without the leading “S”). If you clone the repo and not define the target folder, it will be cloned with the repo name as folder name, thus leading up to this error (which, by the way, is mentioned in the beginning of the first of @sampattuzzi’s lessons, I believe).

It’s only the folder it’s contained in that’s 05_TestingGrounds, the files and mentions in those files are S05_TestingGrounds.

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i think it was because we had run out of space on github. Try now?

Nope, content folder is still too small at 22KB.

Have you tried running this on the commandline?

git lfs pull

It’s the zip file that doesn’t have it.

Ah, that may be. Does it work with git?

Yes. Looking it up now GitHub doesn’t support lfs files in the zip.. So either have them in the releases section or use git clone.

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