Cartoon Rabbit Progress

Here I hope to post my progress so far with the fluffy bunny.

Part one: Sketching and planning.

I’m hoping to draw a bunny perhaps inspired on the moon rabbit associated with delicious mochi-making. I’ll add fluff and probably paint the ears green or yellow with the rest of it white. I hope to give it baby bunnies as well to up the level of cuteness. I hope it works. Here’s the reference I came up with so far:

If anyone needs a reference image and you liked this one, feel free to use it, but show me!

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Part 2: Rabbit Model

Took me a while to get right, but I think it’ll work for the project.


Part 3: Bunny now has fur


Part 4: Eyes
(haven’t gotten back to this in a while because of work ><

Bunny with the night sky

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