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That Is Fabulous

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Wanted To Ask Something About Blender Collab
Can I Make Multiple Scenes For Same week

In Blender Collab? I am not sure, in the rules there is said : “Only one submission”. Last week I added to the poll two for two people. It depends on the will of one making the poll, I think…

I Think Looks One Thing Can Be Improved
His Eye Looks Like Sleepy

I used the reference.)

Okay I Will make My Second Project And If It Is Completed i Will Remove My First Post
Well Thanlks :smiley:

It Is Still Looking Nice

The first is a good composition, though it is not close to the theme. You can leave it, but note the other one as designed for the poll.)

Okay Thanks And Once Again Your Work Is Fabulous c Ya

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Marvellous hair! Shiny!

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Very nice model @Blest, I can see this character working in a cartoon (though I feel for the person doing the animation :slight_smile: ).

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Thank you! I just tried to make Alisa from “The Mystery of the Third Planet”.

really good. damn.

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