Career Advice!

Nice Community
I’m Vishal
I need Career Advice Because Currently I have Time to Choose Career
I’m 17 Years old Actually I Love Technology Like Drones,Robotics Programming but I’m Poor So I can’t Afford
that’s Why I choose Video Game Industry So I can Make Games(or Get a Game Programmer Job) & Earn Money but Now I Realize Full Stack Web Developer Earns More Than a Game Developer.
Is This My Misunderstanding /
What Should I Choose Full Stack Web Development or Continue With UE4 C++ Programmer.
Please Help me to Choose right path …

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Hi @ImVishal

I think the best way to choose a path is by setting 3 to 8 goals for the next 5 years, for that, try imagining your perfect life, How does it look? Where are you? What are you working on? How are your relationships with your friends, family, and others? What do you do in your free time? Imagine the scene as detailed as possible, don’t focus on money or other limitations, make it as perfect as it can be, but keep it real, you don’t want to imagine yourself as Thor the God of Thunder, that’s quite impossible unless your dream involves acting.

With that in mind, What would you need to do to achieve that life? Which are the steps? Which are the obstacles and how can you surpass them? Is that truly the perfect life for you? Take all the time you need to think this through, don’t do it in a few minutes, take days if needed, then you’ll have an answer.

If you want to go a little deeper into this with a guide, try out the Finish it! Course (You can also find it in Udemy), even tho it says that is about how to finish projects, it touches this subject in a somewhat subtle way.

If you want to go super deep into this go and try the Self-Authoring Program, it is extremely helpful, but it might not be right for you just yet, you are way too young and according to one of the creators of that course, it doesn’t have the same results with people of a certain age.

There’s a free way to show a path, I personally don’t like this as much as the other two because it is a little, let’s say limited, but hey, it is free. Take the 16 Personalities test, answer the questions as honestly as you possibly can, otherwise, this won’t work. With your personality in hand, look on youtube for things like “[Your personality type] career path”, you’ll find tons of information from all sorts of people.

Hope this helps, I know this is not exactly what you asked, but someone a lot wiser than me said: Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient, if you do that, at your age, you’ll find yourself living quite an adventure.

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Is Video Game Industry profitable ??

What do you mean by that? Is it profitable as a whole? Yes, it is, quite profitable, last year it had over $150 billion in revenue. Is it profitable for workers? It’s not the best payed job by any means but if you are good and manage to climb to the top you can certainly amass a little fortune, but that can be said about pretty much any other industry.

If you want to enter the entertainment industry - because that’s what games are, entertainment - you better not chase money, you’ll end up quite frustrated, it’s a very hard job, there’s a lot of stress, lots of sleepless nights and you have no certainty whatsoever if you’re game is gonna make it or not, even if you work for one of the big name companies, there’s a lot of risk involved, and in this industry you are either gonna hate it or love it, there’s no middle point.

Try to keep this in mind too, just becasue you saw a number on google that doesn’t mean you are actually going to make that kind of money, it’s an average, meaning that pretty much no one is making that number, they are either making cents or thousands, the middle point is almost non-existant, look into the Pareto Distribution if you want evidence of that.

To get to the point of making 6 figures or more, takes a lot of effort and sacrifice regardless of the job or industry, so I’ll say it again, pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient, curiously enough, that will get you far more money than chasing money, look into the life of Simon Sinek and you’ll understand what I’m saying, Alex Costa is also a great example.

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Really Thank You For Your Transparency
Talk !
but Can You tell me How To make money for living in Game Industry Until my one Game Got hit.

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There are many ways to do that, you can make assets like systems, templates, models, and many more things, you can create courses, tutorials, YouTube videos, and more, I mean, there are literally endless ways in which you can make money.

Another way is to have a job, it doesn’t need to be beside Elon Musk, any job that you can make will do the trick, then you can work on your game project during your free time, but that requires sacrifice, a lot of it, it means no friends, no girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, no nothing, not everyone has the tools to take that sort of hit, it requires certain mentality.

I can also suggest you these videos of different developers that made it through or are at it, quite different takes on the same problem and very mixed messages, take whatever you want from them.

One last tip I can give you, I hope this is the one that sticks. Find someone to talk to, about your life, about how you feel, about your goals, your frustrations, someone you can be truly honest with, that will help you see things more clearly. If you don’t have anyone, you can find someone on the internet, forums, discord, social networks, there’s plenty of places to meet people nowadays.


Thanks “Yee” You really motivate me by your transparency talk!
I will try to find a Job as a UE4 C++ Programmer or I will Start My Own startup Video Game Company if I got funding!
Again Rreally Thank You “Yee”!

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