Car tire details into normal map

Hello everyone,

As I was watching the videos and the challenge to bake something, I thought about trying to bake the details of a tire I had prepared for a car.

  • The original tire mesh has 82000 triangles with 60 array pieces bent.
  • The tire mesh with the normal map is only 600 triangles with 30 array pieces bent!

For me it is pretty apparent which is which but lets see if you can spot it right away…! :slight_smile:

The render time for the original was 41 seconds and for the baked one 28 seconds.

Thank you and happy blending!


I’m gonna say the bottom one is the LP mesh!? :smiley: the most apparent reason I see is still the outline of the object and the LP doesn’t give a smoother finish. I’m having the same issue on mine with the shadows… I think this method is great for minimizing mesh data on the detail but I’m starting to think at least upping the poly count on the “blank canvas” would really pay off. Great work on this with the tire!

Yes the bottom is the LP! :smiley: Thanks!

Indeed the poly count would pay off in a scene render where we can see clearly the jagged edges. But if I were to import this tire in a taxi racing game, it could work since there is not much focus on the tires from the player…! :stuck_out_tongue:

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haha I didn’t even notice there was a differnce until Kristian pointed it out, very nice.

Your mind sees them as the same without reason to see otherwise.

Yeah if we see something that we recognise, we don’t question it.

I’ve written my impressions on this post that I keep as a bio while I learn about 3d modelling.

Would be thankfull if you could take a look!

Take care

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haha wow documenting your learning/knowledge as you go? very impressive i often wish it was summarized well myself, but I often have trouble summarizing without tripping over the technicals I dont know much about or were explained vaguely, heh.

Yeah it helps me a lot! When I try to explain something that I learned, sometimes I stumble across things that I can’t well explain. So I go back to understand them better and continue. That way I fill most of the spaces I have in my knowledge.

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