Car racing including use of high end VR HMDs!

Looks like the future of gaming is in those high end VR headsets.
Hopefully there’s many others wanting to create some sort of vehicle game, maybe racing, maybe to get around an open world, etc. Perhaps there could be an additional section on driving in VR.

Topics should include:
-Realistic car physics

  • AI racers
    -driving on various terrains (not just flat roadway) with jumps, etc
    -steering wheel support
    -HMD support: OCULUS/VIVE

I was just about to suggest this! There aren’t any in-depth 3D racing courses that I can find on Udemy (mostly 2D or mobile games). This is something I’ve been wanting to learn about for a while now.

I hear ya loud and clear stuffandthings! I did find a few unity tutorials on car racing not on udemy, not sure how good they are, will let you know if they are any good once I get a chance to check them out…

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