Canvas not scaling properly on build

This issue has been bothering me for about a week now, which is the reason why I’m unable to post my progress with the Block Breaker section.

I’ve done the required in keeping the game at a 4:3 aspect ratio with the UI Scale Mode Set to " Scale With Screen Size " with the reference resolution set to (1440 x 1080) :point_down: :


But for some anonymous reason, the canvas doesn’t seem to scale properly when built to WebGL :worried: :

I’ve read the docs on the Canvas Scaler Component and tried tweaking its values slightly but still didn’t get the expected result.

Is there something I did wrong? or is the fault from within my system due to it having a 14-inch screen?


Hi there!

The problem might be the build resolution settings. Go to Edit / Project Settings / Player / Resolution and Presentation. There you can change and set the resolution, remember that for WebGL you cannot set an aspect ratio but a fixed resolution only, also check your Itch resolution settings.


@Yee Thank you very much :relaxed:
All I needed to do was to change the height from 600 to 720 to match the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Also, I’m not actually on Itch.


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