Can't view videos here on GameDev community

Just trying to have a look around at some of the lamp animations and can’t get any of the videos to play. I have tried both chrome and firefox. Chrome just doesn’t play. FIrefox says “no video with supported format and MIME type found.”
If you follow the link/location it throws a “doesn’t exist or is private” page at you.
Any help or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

sometimes i find logging out, clearing the browser cache, restarting browser helps reset video viewing errors ive had in the past.

Have you got to view any @Angus_Lyons? if its still giving issues, do you have an example of what you were looking at please?

I think this might stem back to an ongoing issue where the host removes all videos that were not viewed in a certain time period and this removed them.
I havent heard anything on if these are recoverable but i think they are gone if students uploaded here directly. (I know some of mine vanished too)

@sampattuzzi did we ever get anything back on this if they were recoverable?

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I had reported the problem to our forum hosts and they were going to fix this. Do you have any links to the videos that aren’t working?

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Pretty much every video link there is broken. (This is the 2.79 Lamp animation final challenge mentioned by OP)

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Thanks, I’m following up with discourse.

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They should be all fixed now.

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