Can't solve camera bobbing

I can’t seem to solve the camera bobbing issue.

In the video ( [Unreal Engine Blueprint Game Developer] Section 2 Video 23.) it says that i have to position my armspring in 0 0 50 so the camera bobbing will stop, but it just wont work for me.

I get the bobbing everytime i add torque to my player.

Did you manage to sort out the issue? If not, what you will need to do is make sure the SpringArm is attached to the very centre of the sphere. If you aren’t sure of the values to use, try going into orthographic mode (click Perspective in the top left of the viewport) and checking say the Top, Right, and Front perspectives to make sure the SpringArm is positioned dead centre.
As you can see from the pics below, for me my values are 0,0,0 for the X,Y,Z location.

Tasty has it right, the values will depend on the position and size of the sphere in the pawn blueprint.

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