Can't set close door delay from Unreal

I can’t find the option for changing the DoorCloseDelay inside of Unreal Editor

If you’re sure your code is set up in the same way as the other variables, try first restarting, and if that doesn’t work, cleaning the project. If that still doesn’t work, try posting your code here.

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Sorry for my ignorance, but how do i clean a project? Anyway, restarting didn’t work.

Close the project, then delete the Binaries, Intermediate, and Saved folders, and the VC.db file(s). Then right click the .uproject file and “Generate Visual Studio Files” or something similar, and compile inside of VS. I suspect it’s something with the code itself though, so I would try posting that here.

Hit this issue today also (hitting a lot of issues today).
Had to restart UE4 Editor and it was correct then (could see the property in the editor).

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