Can't select the yellow circle to snap a spotlight

Hi. For some reason I cannot select and move the yellow circle on spot lights to snap them to objects, as mentioned in this video. I’ve tried installing 3.2.0 from as I’m using a newer version but that doesn’t solve it. The mouse cursor does not change when hovering over the circle. It does however work for moving the sun around.

Any ideas? Appreciate your help!


I tend to use the sliders in the light properties tab. But the size of the spot is changed with the blue arrow part of the light’s gizmos, dragging in and out.


If you’re talking about the yellow dot on the spot light just below the blue arrow it should work. If it doesn’t try pressing shift+t. If it still won’t then you may have a constraint on the light that is preventing it from being rotated. You may also be talking about the blend circle that is the blend setting which is at the bottom of the light cone. Then there’s the yellow circle at the top of the light cone which changes the radius. @NP5 the blue arrow changes the size of the spot light.


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Ok so I found the lecture and watched most of it to find the part, (7:45) as the time was not given to help anyone answering, Grant does somehow say it snaps the light to look at an object. More or less in passing and it really does not look like it actually does when he does it.

It is possible if holding down Ctrl while grabbing the yellow dot. Sort of. It seems a bit clunky.

Frankly I have never used any of this and just point my lights as I want by hand.

What does work is Selecting the light and adding a Track To Constraint to the light and selecting the target in the modifier panel. @Protoavis

Various on line places say selecting the light, shift selecting the target and pressing Ctrl T adds one directly but it never does anything for me!


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