Can't select blocks with one click

I am using unity version 2020.1.4f1. In my scene window, It takes two clicks to select one block, and I cannot select more than one, even while holding down shift or ctrl. Could someone please kindly tell the me how to select the blocks easily with one click. How do i upload the video of my problem?


Does something else get selected when you click on the block the first time? Check your Hierarchy.

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Yes. In the first click only the canvas is selected and anything except that which was selected earlier is deselected. Regardless of where I clicked the first time, if the canvas is selected (If I clicked once), I could select any block with the second click. Then the whole thing happens again. If i click anywhere after a block is selected, the block deselects and only the canvas is selected and it goes on like this.

Which version of Unity do you use? Maybe you should disable the canvas. In one of the lectures, Rick disables the canvas in the top right corner of Unity. Click on Layers, then disable UI.

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Thank you so much! I must have missed the part to disable the canvas. I disabled it and now its all good.
Thanks again!

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