Can't Scale or Rotate objects in Object Mode anymore

Sorry if there is a solution thread for this problem, I couldn’t find any.

Problem: As the title says, I can no longer scale nor rotate (shorcuts: S and R) an object in Object Mode (I can move them without problem, shortcut G). In Edit Mode I can resize and rotate edges and faces.

This issue only happens with my latest pyramid files (section 2), if I open a new file or an older enough version, I can rotate and scale objects.

When it happened: From my file versions the problem started at the lesson about Array Modifiers, but I realized just now, when I’m just finishing the Subdivision lesson.

Maybe I pressed some shorcut and changed some global property in the file? I can’t rotate/scale any object in these later files. (As I mentioned, the issue disappears in a new/old enough file)

Also: In the status bar the numbers change as I try to scale/rotate, but the object doesn’t change at all. To make any changes I have to enter manually the numbers on the right side panel (shorcut N).

Screenshots showing the issue:

Notice the change in the scaling numbers, but the object is not resizing:

I’ve been comparing the working files with the problematic ones, but the only difference I can see is an icon to the right of the snapping tool. This icon doesn’t appear in files with working scale and rotate shortcuts, I marked with a red rectangle below:

That is the only difference I can see, although I suspect that icon is completely unrelated, I should have pressed some key combination that messed up things.

I hope somebody knows what is happening.

I found the cause of the issue.

In case anyone else has the same problem: Careful with (Alt + ,), this shorcut enables Manipulate center points. With that enabled, rotation and scaling will not have any visible effect on the objects.

Better explained here:

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