Cant open the EXE when the line "cin >> Guess;" is added

Do you already have an instance of the .exe open?

i dont know where i can find the EXE, the instructor didn’t say anything about where the EXE was kept

It’s what would be open when you run your program, the command window…

But it’s asking for bullcowgame.exe, not the command prompt window

That would be run in the command prompt window…

Check the folder where the project is being stored. It should be located at the directory that the error message is referring to. You can simply copy and paste it right over to an explorer window if you’d like. Check the properties of the folder and the files located there to see if they are, for some strange reason, set to read only. If they aren’t then I’d try closing all console windows, closing the program, maybe even giving the whole system a good ol’ restart, then trying again.

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