Cant log in on from firefox

Hi everyone , I am unable to log in or sign up, it works fantastic on OPERA but I am using firefox as my main browser so its a bit of annoying to switch betweeen those two.
Thanks in advance ,I am having a lot of fun!!

Hi Pablo,

Great to hear you are having fun :slight_smile:

Regarding the forum issue, Mozilla’s own forum is running the same software as our (Discourse), so it is obviously supported.

I note that your social login of choice for signing up was Facebook, does your Facebook account currently have permission to access this as a resource? (settings / app permissions etc)?

I am going to download Firefox myself now and see if I encounter any issues, my account is wired up to my Google social account.

Updated Wed Dec 20 2017 11:17

I have just finished installing Firefox (downloaded whatever the latest version is etc).

Browsed to our forum via the address bar (first site visited), using as the address (I note you have a specific topic URL in your address bar)

Looks ok.

Perhaps try the obvious things like clearing the temporary internet files/cache/cookies in Firefox, close the browser and relaunch it.

In the mean time, I have raised this with the Discourse team also.

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Hi Rob!

You know its a funny condition , because I use firefox for everything , I have the other browser just for test when happens something like this, and in firefox I was even unable to sign up, so, I sign up from opera with my facebook profile, no problem ,but from firefox, in which I use facebook twitter and everything cant log in !

I even update firefox for obvious reasons and didnt work either.

It looks like a component for that buttons (sign up , log in) wont work in firefox for me.

Thanks for such a fast response , I enjoy very much !!

yeap , I was thinking about the temps , but I cant delete it right now because work stuff that I am doing , restart the browser , I did, not work, but I will try the reset temp thing during the day! I will back to you with the news! thanks!!

Thanks for such a fast response , I enjoy very much !!

You’re very welcome and that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

but I will try the reset temp thing during the day! I will back to you with the news!

Ok, no problem, keep us updated. When I hear back from the support team from Discourse I will provide any further information that may be useful. Currently, obviously, I am unable to reproduce the issue myself.

Updated Wed Dec 20 2017 12:29

Hey @Manoloon, so I have some questions for you from the Discourse team…

What version are they running? (visible at about:support)

Are there any errors in the console? (visible with Ctrl Shift k, or Menu → Web Developer → Web Console)

Does it work when all add-ons are disabled? (you can restart Firefox in safe mode by going to about:support and hitting Restart with Add-ons Disabled...)

Does it happen on all Discourse instances, or just yours?

On this final point, you could try signing up for the Mozilla Discourse forum. To keep things similar, I’d suggest trying to use your Facebook social login as you did here.

Lets see what you discover from the above, none of these should affect anything work wise I don’t believe :slight_smile:

Firefox version : 57.0.2 (64 bit)
Log -

Does it happen on all Discourse instances, or just yours? - I havent the option of facebook to log in on discourse hehe -

I cant restart right now , but I will soon as I can!

but I think is not the facebook login the problem , because I was unable to sign up the first time.

Confirmed! restart with all addons disabled WORKS!!

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Finally , The problem was solve by taking down the adblock Plus ! thanks a lot Rob! sorry for the inconvinience! Have a nice day!!


Awesome, great to hear you can use the browser of choice again.

I will feedback to Discourse to close the support item and this will obviously help me to help others here in the future, so, thank you for your pain! :slight_smile:

Updated Wed Dec 20 2017 13:59

Final note @Manoloon, one of the plugin authors for Discourse mentions that he has used uBlock Origin successfully with Discourse, so, if you still want some form of adblocker, this could be of use perhaps.

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thanks Rob, I have disabled it on and work like charm!! I am happy ! hehe

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