Cant import the files

so im using unity 2022 its the lts version and i cant drag and drop the image or audio clips anywhere into the assets folder i had to right click inside the folder and import the assets in order for it to work but can anyone explain if its normal to do it this way or is maybe something wrong on my end?

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I have found the Project folders to be broken in that version. I think if the files you are dragging is in the same folder branch (in your OS) they just don’t want to drop in the folders. I have resorted to right-clicking the folder in Unity, selecting ‘Show in Explorer’ and then drag the files in Windows instead.

I’m still on an older version (2021.3.15f1) and had to do the same thing. There are always a few quirks like that (or not being able to drag and drop the image into the timeline to create the control track) with different versions so I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as the end result looks right then you should be good.

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ah ok so maybe not an error on my end just something buggy with the files

Typically in Unity you can simply drag and drop files into the resources window and they should import automatically.
It’s possible that your version of Unity has some feature or limitation that causes this behavior.

  • check the files you are trying to import are supported by Unity and are not corrupted.

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