Can't import model into Mixamo

I’ve been wracking my brain for hours, replaying the tutorial videos, trying to catch the issue, but without avail. I’m hoping someone in the community could give their input- so far I’ve tried cleaning the model from any rigging remnants, applying all modifiers where available, removing any materials from it, but the object files still are upwards to a 150 mb and always fail on upload.

Work file:

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When I see your model mesh, this belt, loin, and wristband is nearly black with dots.
Did you re-mesh them too? Those objects don’t need that many vertices.

Also, if you change a Blender project, remove stuff like textures.
Check for ‘no fake users’!

Opening a Blender file, removing textures, and saving the file, doesn’t remove the textures !!! Only When you re-open the Blender file, those not user textures (marked previously) will be deleted finally.

Blender does the cleaning when LOADING a file

Let us know if that helps.


Ach, of course- it was the armor; for some reason, I didn’t think to downsample their models into lowpoly like I did with the orc itself. I’ll need to rework them and bake their texture into simpler models. Thousand thanks, FedPete!


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